A leg of lamb which became a viral sensation over the weekend has been donated to a food pantry.

It was difficult to escape people checking on Clive and his pricey meat over the weekend, with the What’s on in Ramsbottom Facebook group exploding after his wife Rozalia Linder’s post gained hundreds of reactions and comments.

The post saw people laughing and joking about Clive and his welfare after Rozalia joked that she has 'held her husband hostage', while others were more serious saying they were 'shocked' at the price of the meat which they believed 'could feed a family for a week in Aldi'.

The infamous leg of lamb has now been donated to Ramsbottom Food Pantry by Rozalia and Clive and will be given to a family in need.

Speaking on social media, the pantry said: “The famous leg of lamb was donated today from the lovely Roz.

“We have passed it on to a very grateful family.

“We also picked up a copy of the Daily mirror to “lambinate”

“We are thrilled that something positive came out of Clive’s trip to Tesco.”

Many businesses in Ramsbottom and Lancashire jumped in on the joke, with an offer being made to Clive for a free roast dinner from the Lawrence in Burnley, while Rawtenstall's The Hut - Rossendale street food takeaway, created their very own ‘Clive Gate Lamb Burger’ which is now a permanent addition to their menu.

Quips also flooded in with residents asking that Ramsbottom be renamed Lambsbottom, while others wrote poems and composed songs.

One person set up a "CliveAid" GoFundMe page, which although initially a joke, is now being used to help Ramsbottom Pantry and has already raised over £600.

You can donate to the page here.