A doughnut shop chain, with a branch in Clitheroe, has launched an explicit looking doughnut and fans and famous faces are raving about it.

Doe Bakehouse’s new ‘Vulva-Nut’ is a strawberry glazed doughnut which looks exactly like a vagina, but with added sprinkles.

Posting to Instagram, the company wrote: “We’ve been making some Vulva-Nuts.

“What else would it be, other than a strawberry glazed donut vulva?? (With a strawberry lace, sprinkle pubes & a hidden chocolate egg).”

Business owner and former Blackburn P.E Teacher, Evie Jackson, said the team decided to create the doughnuts to “celebrate the female form” as you can already purchase penis-shaped doughnuts from them.

Evie said: “We already make penis doughnuts and we had a customer send an email saying her daughter had come out as lesbian, asking if we could make any other type of doughnut.

“It got us thinking ‘why do we not do the female form?’

Lancashire Telegraph:  Evie Jackson, owner of Doe Bakehouse Evie Jackson, owner of Doe Bakehouse

“We thought they looked great and also wanted to celebrate the female form through doughnuts -and here we are.

“I just don’t think it’s something people should be shy about.”

Vulva-Nuts were only launched this week but they have already been raved about by Doe Bakehouse fans – including some famous faces.

Steph McGovern, host of Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, received a box earlier this week.



In a Twitter post, she posted a snap of the treats and wrote: “Interesting choice of post show treats in the @PackedLunchC4 green room today…”

Find out more about Doe Bakehouse and their products on their website.