A new charity shop is opening – next month but it’s not your stereotypical charity store.

Daisy’s is a boutique style charity shop chain for the East Lancashire Hospice and a new branch is set to open next month.

The current East Lancashire Hospice charity shop on Queen Street, Great Harwood, is being renovated and rebranded as a Daisy’s.

Daisy’s charity shops are filled with only the best quality pre-loved items while also stocking jewellery, gifts and cards some of which could be designer.

Their flagship shop in Wilpshire has been home to some designer items including a Mulberry handbag which retails for anywhere between £151-£1595 on the Mulberry website.

Sharon Crymble, income generation director for Daisy’s, said: “We want Daisy’s to be a ‘shopping experience’. It doesn’t look like your traditional charity shop it looks more like a boutique.

“You clothes are wrapped in tissue when you buy them. We also get involved with other businesses in the area who sell new products in the store as well.

“We’ve had some designer gems in our other stores too.

“In this new store, I think there will be a mix of items for sale which are both quality donated items as well as brand new.”

Zoe Holden, who is the cluster manager from Daisy’s in Wilpshire said she was excited about the charity shop’s grand opening.

She said: “I am very excited about the new branch opening and so are the volunteers.

“Daisy’s in Great Harwood will be the partner shop to Daisy’s in Wilpshire.

“We hope to be more than just a charity shop and to become part of the community for customers shopping with us”.

Zoe hopes the new branch will be as successful as the current one on Whalley Road.

She said: “Since we have opened in Wilpshire, our revenue has doubled if not trebelled some weeks because we are so active on social media and we are constantly doing things in the community.

“We have already created this sense of community in Daisy’s, Wilpshire branch. People are happy to come into our stores and have a coffee and a chat”.

There are several East Lancashire Hospice charity shops in the region, including those in Clitheroe, Darwen and Wilpshire.

Daisy’s new Great Harwood branch is looking for volunteers and donations before the prospective grand opening date on 7 February.

To find out more, visit the Facebook page of their Whalley Road branch.