Reality TV star, Kirk Norcross, says he has suffered from PTSD flashbacks ever since his Haslingden-born father took his own life.

Kirk Norcross, who rose to fame on ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), appeared on Loose Women yesterday (20 January), to talk about life after his dad, Mick Norcross, took his own life.

Blackburn-raised Mick Norcross was found dead on January 21 aged 57; an inquest ruled that his death was a suicide.

Speaking to the Loose Women panel, Kirk said “It’s weird – it’s been the quickest year and the slowest year ever.

According to Kirk, he had no idea at the time that Mick, who was born in a Haslingden sweet shop in 1964, would attempt to take his own life.

Kirk said: “I was with him the night before and he was fine.

“That morning he was fine and he gave me his next business strategy… then that afternoon he [took his own life].

“I was indoors just having my lunch and I got a call from my dad's partner saying ‘I can’t find your dad’.

“I don't know why… but I knew what had happened. I smashed through the door and I found him.”

An emotional Kirk revealed that he tried to give Mick CPR but “knew” as soon as he saw him that he was gone.

“I just lay with my father and told him it was his time to rest,” said Kirk.

As well as depression, Kirk also revealed that he has suffered from traumatic PTSD flashbacks since the incident.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mick Norcross took his own life in January 2021Mick Norcross took his own life in January 2021

He said: “I have been diagnosed with PTSD so I have flashbacks of how I found my father.

“I don’t know if you have seen the war films where the soldiers have PTSD and you see the flashbacks of the gun fights –  that’s how it is.

“I talk about it more now… if I have my flashbacks now I will call my friends.”

Kirk added that he tried to take his life “many years ago” after feeling like he “didn’t have a purpose” – but said this experience his father has changed his perspective on life.

He said: “I’ve got to take a positive of what I’ve seen happen and the carnage that it has caused.

“No-one has to do that… to everyone that is watching this, you have survived 100 per cent of your bad days so why can’t you survive more of them?”

Kirk is taking part in Loose Women’s Stand By Your Man campaign, which encourages their viewers to talk to men about mental health.

He appeared on the show to urge people, particularly men, to open up and express their feelings.

He said: “I really can't stress to people - you've got to tell people how you feel.

“You let people know when you’re happy why don’t you let them know when you’re sad?

“I don’t want anyone else going through what my dad had to go through or what we are going through as a family.

“It doesn’t make you any less of a man to tell someone you’re struggling.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Mick Norcross owned the Sugar Hut in TOWIEMick Norcross owned the Sugar Hut in TOWIE

Mick Norcross rose to fame as the owner of the Sugar Hut nightclub from the hit ITV series, TOWIE.

The 57-year-old first appeared in TOWIE in 2011 during the second series.

His mum and dad, Margaret and Bernard Norcross, both came from East Lancashire families, his maternal grandmother living at the house in Audley Range where iconic walking writer Alfred Wainwright grew up, and his paternal grandmother a few doors away.

You can watch the latest episode of Loose Women and the full interview with Kirk on ITV Player.