WE published a story online saying that lateral flow tests may no longer be free in the months to come.

It was claimed that free universal lateral flow tests will reportedly be scrapped by the government in June, although an official date has yet to be confirmed.

The UK has relied upon free testing to help tackle the spread of coronavirus throughout the pandemic.

Instead people will be charged £30 if they want lateral flow tests.

Our readers have reacted to the news on our website, here are some of their views.

Laura Howarth said: "People will just stop testing! How can people afford to take tests every week!

Lynn Crawford said: "Nobody will pay that."

Sue Buxton said: "On top of rising energy bills and food prices? Where do they expect people to 'magic' money from?"

Kevin Nolan said: "Good, might stop people running for a test every time they sneeze."

Donna Malone said: "£30 a test is a joke. No-one will pay that especially if it’s a family on low income and can’t afford that, the government is a joke. And I won’t be paying £30 so looks like myself and my children won’t be testing when this falls into place."

Wendy Doherty said: "Let’s see the cases drop after this is implemented."

Vicky Roberts said: "If I have to pay for a Covid test then I simply won't be testing."

Chris Cardwell said: "(They are) Pricing people out of testing."

Leanne Porter said: "Ha ha nope people will stop testing and carry on as normal!"