This April people over 60 could be paying for their prescriptions as once more, the government is moving the goal posts.

What the government should be doing is rounding up the ‘don’t work, won’t work’ brigade. Many of us know people like that who will do anything to avoid work and instead live off the backs of the hard working people of this country and the people who have worked before them.

How dare they think it is alright to turn over in bed on a cold winter morning or sit out in the sun on a nice summer day while the rest of the country is toiling away? These people are just parasites living off the backs of us and it makes my blood boil.

These people will be living free off the state with all the benefits they will be claiming and believe me some of them have a degree in it

I have no issue with people who are genuinely sick or disabled - they need all the help they can get but there are some people who think they are sick or disabled when they are not if it means collecting a few extra pounds and it’s time the Government really went to town on them.

Perhaps they could start with random home visits like they did in the 1930s when the Depression hit and people had to apply to the Assistance Board.

This situation needs sorting out ASAP as it is unacceptable to the hard working people of this country. Enough is enough.

Dick Turpin