Beer connoisseur and passionate pub campaigner, Mark gives us his decision on the tastiest beer he has sampled in the last seven days.

Mark has been highlighting the values of Britain’s favourite drink for many years. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Follow @realaleupnorth on Twitter.

This week’s stand out beer comes courtesy of Rivington Brewery. A modern, innovative brewer, based in the countryside near Chorley.

They have been on the brewing scene since 2014. Their excellent range of popular craft beers always excites me when I witness them, either on draught dispense in the pub, or in the canned package. Their brewing excellence is always guaranteed.

Never Known Fog Like It is an American-style pale ale at 5.2%. You get an explosion of tropical fruit aroma on cracking open the can. As its name suggests, once poured, it presents itself as murky, with a golden coloured glow.

More luscious, juicy tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, mango and passion fruit were identified in the taste. They were balanced perfectly with soft notes of grapefruit, lemon and a hint of pine. The beer was quite low in hop bitterness, in addition to it having a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

The finish was moderately dry, with a long-lingering, smooth, tropical fruit flavour. A premium fruity pale ale style beer. Immensely enjoyed from a first-class brewery.

This canned beer is available online at many craft beer retailers. It’s thoroughly recommended.