A father-of-two was found dead by his young children after suffering for a number of years with depression and alcohol misuse.

An inquest in Burnley heard how Kyle Holden had collected his children from his ex-partner's house on October 23 2021 and had taken them back to his house in Union Street, Whitworth.

That night he consumed a large quantity of alcohol and on the morning of October 24, his children woke to find their father was not in his bed so went to look for him and found him in the loft space.

The inquest heard how the children, aged six and eight, then walked the 30 minutes back to their mother's house, where an ambulance was called.

Coroner Mark Williams told the inquest that Mr Holden's ex-partner, Katy Elson, then drove to the scene in Union Street and found that the emergency services were already there.

She was told that the father of her children had been pronounced dead.

Following a post-mortem and toxicology, it was found Mr Holden had been intoxicated, although a medical cause of death was offered as asphyxiation by hanging.

The inquest heard Mr Holden, a part-time plasterer, had suffered from depression for most of his life, with a statement from his mother, Susan, saying that despite not taking any medication for his issues, had been seeking counselling and self-medicating by participating in outdoor activities.

However, she knew he was also consuming alcohol to help cope with his feelings.

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She said she had spoken with her son a couple of days before his death, who told her he had a phone appointment with his GP, who had prescribed him with medication and also offered him some talking therapy.

Mr Williams said: "Mr Holden and his mother were texting on the night of October 23 until 11.30pm, but she then received a phone call from Katy at around 9am the following day to tell her that he had hanged himself.

"Mrs Holden said she had no idea he was planning to take his own life."

A statement from his GP said that Mr Holden had been prescribed medication for depression in 2012, but was no longer taking any, however during a phone conversation on October 22, he was prescribed anti-depressants for anxiety and low mood due to the breakdown of his relationship and for financial reasons.

Ex-partner Ms Elson said she had been aware that Mr Holden had attempted to take his own life as a teenager and that around two weeks prior to his death had indicated that he had almost killed himself but couldn't go through with it because of the children.

She explained in a statement how he had appeared quiet and withdrawn the last few days, and knew that he would regularly drink two bottles of a wine a night.

She said Mr Holden had collected the children on October 23 but on the morning of October 24 had heard her children shouting downstairs and assumed they had been brought back early by their father.

But upon speaking with the children it became apparent they had returned on their own and she was informed that they had found their dad in the loft.

Mr Williams said: "Kyle Holden suffered with depression as evidenced by his mother and Katy Elson, and by his GP who had prescribed him with medication just a few days beforehand.

"On October 23 he collected his children which was his regular weekly contact with them.

"Katy has no particular concerns about his health although she did comment that he had seemed quieter than usual in the days before.

"What's clear is that that night he had consumed a large quantity of alcohol and at some stage he had then taken himself up to the loft room.

"Tragically this was where he was found by his young children the following morning.

"I am satisfied there was no third party involvement and I am also satisfied that tragically he intentionally took his own life and therefore I record a conclusion of suicide."

If you or anyone you know is suffering with depression or suicidal thoughts you can speak with the Samaritans by calling 116 123 free.