Now that Novak Djokovic has been deported from Australia and denied the chance of another title, it makes one wonder on the question of protection against the Coronavirus.

Was this deportation for the purposes of protecting the Australian people from Novak Djokovic? Or was it to protect him from catching the virus in Australia? Djokovic claimed he was naturally immune due to recovery from a recent infection. So did he actually require a vaccination especially now that the World Health Organisation states the virus is no longer classed as a major threat to human life?

So does it follow that governments across the world will now enforce a mass vaccination programme for the annual influenza or Norovirus infections? Where is the natural cycle of life and death?

Like MRSA which is increasingly resistant to antibiotics and the widespread use of it, will the mass vaccination programmes one day give rise to the emergence of super viruses? Then what?

Mr N Momoniat