Where do we start?

Since we last spoke the Clarets have: 

  • been dumped out of the 3rd round of the FA Cup to lower league opposition (again)
  • sold their most prolific goalscorer to a relegation rival
  • packed their only other remaining goal threat off to AFCON
  • a Covid outbreak in the camp, which includes the manager
  • to play our rearranged game against Wafford this coming week

Just about covers it, I think?

Wood’s loss came as a shock, and I spent the first 24 hours as angry as the rest of us. Hitting out at the player, the club, Dyche, the previous chairman, the current chairman, the Premier League, Sky Sports. You get the point.

It was an emotional reaction: how dare one of our players, the ones we expect to put their all into the badge, jump ship when we needed him the most? But after a day or so to calm down I feel better.

Sure, the sale raises two very important questions. The first being: “Is selling your main goal threat in the middle of a relegation battle a sensible thing?” The second being: “Is selling said goal threat to a direct relegation rival ever justifiable?”

But these only become relevant if you can say with any certainty that the Clarets were going to avoid relegation with Wood still in the team. And I think we can all admit that we are a very very very long way away from being able to say that with any certainty.

So, if relegation was always inevitable this year, the clouds part and it looks like the recouping of £25m for a 30-year-old striker who has scored just three goals all season. Starts to feel like a good bit of business. And I think that applies even if we don’t reinvest it (although, to be clear, we absolutely should reinvest it).

One fan suggested to me on Twitter this week that I only need to write “Wood has gone, we move on, UTC” (disclaimer: I am paraphrasing, but thank you @mattsutty83). There is some truth in that. He has gone, but this season hasn’t yet and this may just galvanise the club. A call to action if you will. 

And we start on Saturday at home to Leicester (Covid permitting). And our local boy is going to lead that line by himself and do everything he can to find us something. 

So, head to Turf Moor and sing as loud as you can, “JAY RODRIGUEZ, HE’S ONE OF OUR OWN".

Because if there was ever a time we needed you…