Burnley Radio DJ, Jordan North, has left a cryptic clue on his Twitter account hinting that he is taking part in ITV show, The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer is an ITV show where celebrities battle it out to be crowned best singer. However, their identity remains a secret, as they hide underneath elaborate costumes, until the end of the show or until they are voted off.

Viewers began to suspect that 31-year-old is hiding behind the character ‘Doughnuts’ after hearing someone shout his name on the latest episode which aired on Saturday (8 January).

Twitter user, @Brekkietweets, said: “Thought I heard Mo (or someone in audience) shout 'Well done Jordan' at the end of the performance”.

Later, a tweet from North only fuelled Masked Singer rumours when he tweeted an emoji of a doughnut and a smirking face emoji.



Responding to his tweet, dozens of Twitter users flocked to his comment section to voice their suspicions and attempt to get some more information from the DJ.

One person said: “Not trying to tell us that you’re Doughnuts are you?”

Another person said: “”I knew that Doughnuts sounded more northern than very not-Northern Gary Lineker.”

“Little teaser… pretty sure it’s either Michael Owen or Gary Lineker in my opinion,” said another.

However, Doughnuts' hints don’t appear to match up with Jordan’s career as he is hinted to be a male sportsman with a link to crisps.

According to the show’s clue, Doughnuts is “sweet and also savoury”.



Judges have guessed that  Frankie Dettori, Nick Grimshaw and Gary Lineker could be hiding underneath the costume.

The bookies’ favourites are former footballers, Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler.

On last week’s episode, Rita Ora speculated that Radio DJ, Chris Moyles, could be Doughnuts.



Chris addressed the rumours on his Radio X breakfast on Monday (10 January), joking that he was “insulted” by the guess.

He said: “None of this is fun for me. The one they think I am is Doughnuts. Sizeist.

“Get stuffed! You shove your Masked Singer.”

You can catch up on The Masked Singer on ITV Player. The next episode airs Saturday 15 January at 7pm.