TRIBUTES have flooded into the Lancashire Telegraph to an 'absolute legend of a gent', who has died.

Jonathan Lindley, who was CEO and owner of Darwen's Sunbird Records, died in Royal Blackburn Hospital on January 4 after several months of struggling with auto-immune hepatitis.

We posted a Book of Condolence on our website and our readers and friends from further afield have been in touch to leave their messages of support.

Lloyd Lawson, from Darwen, has special memories of the 32-year-old.

He said: "Will never forget when all my friends had dropped out of coming to BeatHerder and I was left alone.

"We barely even knew each other at the time and you responded to a message I had put out inviting me to come along with you and the group you were with. I had the best weekend ever and you helped make that happen. Much love to you man!

"You were an absolute legend of a gent!

"Always went for a hug regardless of when I bumped into you, such a talent and such a kind soul.

"You will be missed Jonny, you touched so many people with you're passion and love especially for people trying to make it in the music industry. Rest easy Jon Boy xx"

Craig Markham, from Darwen, said: "The man was a true legend. He not only provided a platform for us artists to do our thing, but also helped foster new talent and was always pushing us to reach our potential.

"He truly was a gentle giant who never had a bad word to say about anybody.

"I'm truly going to miss you dude as will everyone else who was blessed to spend time in your presence. Rest in peace brother."

Nathan Crook, also from Darwen, added: "So sorry to hear this horrible news, I worked for Philippa and Steven for a long time and had the pleasure of watching Jonathan grow into a fine young man, incredibly warm and genuinely passionate about art and music.

"To say he will be sadly missed is an understatement, rest in peace Johnny."

BOOK OF CONDOLENCE - Jonathan Lindley

"The Lancashire Telegraph is putting together a book of condolence with tributes to Jonathan Lindley. Friends and family can leave their messages here."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Elaine Marshall

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
Big J, you were a lovely man I remember meeting you when you came to Reading. I would just like to say a big thank you. You made my granddaughter very happy. We are all so sad of your passing but we will love and remember you always xxx

What are your memories of Jonathan?
The first time we met was when he came to Reading with my granddaughter and he looked down at me and asked what the weather was like as I was so short standing next to him . We took him to Cosmos for a meal and when he walked in and saw the amount of different foods he could chose from, he just said where do I start I think I am in heaven. Well big J you are now really in heaven R I P my friend xx

Stuart Hamilton

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
Jonathan was a good friend and music collaborator to our son Jamie. We had much respect for this lovely young man who we had known for many years. Cruelly taken too young, he will be sadly missed by so many. May he rest in peace.

What are your memories of Jonathan?
Jonathan & Jamie spending over a month in Tenerife working on an album. More recently having the pleasure of Jonathan's company at Jamie's wedding to Ashley in August.

Jean Worswick

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
Thank you for the help and support you gave my two grandsons who were starting out on their musical journey. Your patience and advice was a real encouragement to them.

What are your memories of Jonathan?

Adam Douglas

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
You will always remain close in our thoughts and hearts. You gave Darwen so much that was unique and special that your spirit will live on. Rest easy, big man with a bigger heart. Thank you for being you!

What are your memories of Jonathan?
I'll never forget the night before you flew on holiday with your girlfriend. The three of us drank tequila until the early hours and shared tales of music and happiness. It wasn't until 1am you mentioned you had to be up at 5am to fly. You enabled the dreams of so many others, including a little activist group we had on a Wednesday night for a couple of years, we thank you eternally for giving us a chance.

Jenny Bond

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
I met Johnny when we were placed in university accommodation together in his final year of his bachelor degree. He was kind, funny and very talented. Our lives took different paths after those couple of years but it was lovely to see the success he had achieved via social media. I knew him for a short time but he was a lovely man who I know will be sorely missed by so many people!

What are your memories of Jonathan?
His den party where everyone dressed in onesies and his choice of cup for his drink was a teapot, his 21st birthday party where egg roulette and space hoppers made an appearance and his pure talent in the arts!

If you have any photographs with him, you can attach them here

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Stephen Calcutt

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
Thanks for showing so many that all you need to be successful are great ideas, determination and focus.

What are your memories of Jonathan?
When you set up that stop motion animation studio in a little room on the 12th floor of CSB at Huddersfield Uni. It was such an ambitious final major project and I don’t think anyone expected you to deliver the results that you did - a stunning piece of work that we still show today.

Claire Bartlett

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
R.I.P Big J Thank you for loving my daughter for the last 5 years and helping her become the person she is today I will be forever grateful xx

What are your memories of Jonathan?
He was the kindest and loving person that I had the pleasure to meet .

Gregory Harper

Send us your tribute to Jonathan Lindley
Jonathan - the true definition of a gentleman and a scholar. You achieved in your young years more than most people do in a long lifetime. It's cruel that you've been taken from us and your family must be heartbroken. The Darwen music scene will never be the same but always stronger since your involvement in it. We'll do everything to keep the legacy alive. Sending insane amounts of love to Steve, Philippa, Kate and his Sunbird family x

What are your memories of Jonathan?
Jonathan was a gentle, kind, funny bloke with nothing but good things to say about anybody. He made time for everyone and had a knack for composition and production like nobody else.