A brand new stall, which specialises in pizza and American style street food, has opened in Accrington Market.

Mike’s Bites, owned by Mike Upton, will bring stone-baked pizza, loaded nachos, fries, stuffed dough balls, hotdogs and more to the market’s visitors.

An evolving breakfast menu will also feature delicious ways to start the day, like pancakes, waffles and muffins.

Owner, Mike Upton, said: “I worked as a chef for several years until a serious knee injury meant I couldn’t stand for 14 hours-a-day.

“But I never lost my passion for creating food that put smiles on people’s faces.

“So when the opportunity to open a pizza stall at the market came up, it was time to get back in the kitchen.

“We’re excited about bringing the sort of popular dishes we make to the market.

“From piled high street food to authentic stone baked pizzas, there’s something for all appetites and all ages.

“And with a regularly evolving menu and meal deal options, we’re confident people will keep coming back.”

Market manager Sameena King commented on the new pizza stall arrival and said:
“We know how popular pizza sellers are on the market, particularly with busy workers or students.

“But it’s exciting to see an extended menu with more of the diner and street style food included.

“Having options like this will prove popular with younger visitors to the market.

“And it’ll definitely complement some of the more traditional cafes and food stalls that our regular customers love.”

To find out about future stalls and pop-up opportunities, please contact Accrington Market.

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