A FORMER soldier who threatened to petrol bomb the house where two women were alone with their children turned up at the property at 3am.

Blackburn magistrates heard the women were terrified when Anthony Hine smashed a glass panel in the front door.

The court was told one of the victims had a panic attack as she was phoning the police she was that scared that he might return.

Hine, 28, of Higher Lawrence Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to sending threatening messages via a public network, stalking, criminal damage and possession of a knife.

He was sentenced to six weeks in prison suspended for 18 months and ordered to complete 25 days’ rehabilitation activity requirement and 150 hours’ unpaid work. He was ordered to pay £200 for the damage and £200 to each of the women for the distress caused and £128 victim surcharge.

Hine was made subject to a restraining order for two years which prohibits him from having any contact with the two women or entering the streets they live on.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said one of the women had known Hine for a number of years. At first they were “mates” but had a couple of dates two years ago before she called things off because of his drinking.

“She has recently been receiving multiple, abusive voice mails from him,” said Mr Parker.

On the day of the incident she was at a friend’s house when he contacted her and threatened to petrol bomb the house.

Mr Parker said in the days leading up to the incident Hine had sent the victim 42 voicemails.

“She does not want the messages and does not want any contact with him,” said Mr Parker. “She is scared by the messages and just wants him to leave her alone.”

When police arrested Hine he was found in possession of a knife.

Gareth Price, defending, said his client had not been in trouble since 2015.

“He served five years in the army and has submitted papers to see if he can re-enlist,” said Mr Price. “That may be a positive move as far as he is concerned.”