An 'awesome and loved' mother died from complications after brain surgery, an inquest concluded.

Shirley Fogg, 65, died with her son by her side on June 23, 2021, after having a procedure on her brain to stop her suffering severe headaches and other symptoms.

Shirley's son Kevin Fogg thanked the doctors who cared for his mother while she was being treated at Royal Preston Hospital.

In a tribute to her, he said: "She was just an awesome mother. I have been and am going to miss her so much.

"She was loved by lots of people."

An inquest at Preston Coroner's Court heard how Mrs Fogg, of Eastern Avenue, Burnley, was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a group of blood vessels which were incorrectly formed and, in her case, deeply seated in the brain.

Nick Park, a consultant in neurosurgery who was in charge of Mrs Fogg's care, said he spoke to her about treatment options as she was suffering with symptoms.

Due to a concern around a possible haemorrhage in day-to-day life, doctors came up with a number of surgical interventions, with it being decided Mrs Fogg would undergo an embolectomy which was performed by Dr Siddhartha Wuppalapati, a consultant neuroradiologist.

The surgery, which took place on June 21, saw a number of X-rays taken as Dr Wuppalapati pushed a small tube into the brain through the femoral artery.

Once it reached the AVM, a glue-like substance was released to block off the blood supply to the veins.

The surgery went well and 95 per cent of the AVM was repaired, however the remaining five per cent was deemed too dangerous to treat due to it being in a 'sensitive part of the brain'.

Dr Wuppalapati said: "We woke her up and she was fine on that day (of the surgery). It was only the following day we noticed something was not right."

Mrs Fogg lost her ability to speak and had developed weakness on her right side.

A scan was performed which showed small bleeds on the brain, far away from where the procedure was complete.

Both Mr Park and Dr Wuppalapati said that the small bleeds were a complication of the surgery, but they could not explain why it happened due to the distance between the AVM and the bleeds.

Dr Wuppalapati added: "For us, every complication that happens, we try to look for answers but we could not find any in this case."

After the results of the scan were discovered, Mrs Fogg's condition continued to deteriorate and she had a breathing tube inserted.

A meeting was held to discuss whether Mrs Fogg was a suitable candidate for intensive care unit (ICU) treatment. However, due to other health issues she suffered with including chronic lung disease, it was concluded that the ICU would not have made 'a great deal of difference'.

She suffered a heart attack with her son, Kevin, by her side and died on June 23.

Coroner Chris Long said: "Shirley died as a result of cerebral haemorrhages caused by a known complication of embolisation as part of a procedure that was carried out to treat AVM."