A baby bank, which helps struggling families in need, is relaunching and ‘evolving’ later this week in a bid to help struggling families, as well as the planet.

The Hyndburn Baby Bank, in Accrington Market, will evolve into ‘The Burrow’ from January 15 and will be more focused on supplying families with more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Reusable nappies and bamboo toothbrushes will be some of the essentials available for struggling families to pick up.

The community organisation has also set up a Go Fund me page in order to raise money for these eco-friendly additions to the hub.

Founder of The Hyndburn Baby Bank, Kate Walsh, said: “We are relaunching as a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation).

“We will be supporting families to become more sustainable.

“We will be supporting parents in affording plastic-free items, such as reusable nappies and the sort of things that families just cannot afford.

“We should all be moving towards getting these more sustainable items. While it’s cost-effective in the long run, the start-up cost of purchasing these items is not affordable for all parents.

“Being more environmentally friendly is so important to our children's futures.”

The Hyndburn Baby Bank was set up by Rishton’s Labour ward councillor Kate in January 2020 to help expectant mothers with baby boxes of essentials, such as food and clothes.

While the baby bank itself will still be part of the organisation and available to families referred to them, it will just be one section of the organisation.

Initially, the charity will be focusing on: plastic free toiletries; reusable nappies and wipes; breastfeeding support; clothing swap and recycling essential items.

Kate said: “What we’re all about is reusing items and preventing as many items as possible from going to the tip. In the process we are also trying to alleviate poverty in the community.”

However, the organisation’s “green revolution” would not be possible without the support of the public.

Kate said: “We are 100 per cent reliant on people’s funding and goodwill to keep going. We have to pay rent and storage costs.

“Even though we run off volunteers, we want to expand and we want to get professionals in to run courses too.

“Now we are stocking the more sustainable items, they are just so much more expensive. Instead of paying £1 you are paying double the cost for one.”

To help launch ‘The Burrow’ the organisation has set up a Go Fund me page to help with costs and they are hoping to raise £200 which will go towards sustainable family essentials.

To donate you can visit the organisation’s Go Fund Me page or visit their https://www.facebook.com/hyndburnbabybank