THE Lancashire Telegraph reported how health bosses were again pleading with the public to only use accident and emergency if absolutely necessary.

It follows news that The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals cited A&E attendances as a reason for moving to the 'highest level of internal incident' and 'critical incident' levels respectively. Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital revealed that they are under similar strain.

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Our readers have now reacted to the news online and on social media, here are some of the responses.

Lauren Sharp said: "Maybe they need to have a word with the GP surgeries then. People are going to A and E, phoning 111 etc because it's virtually impossible to get an appointment with a GP."

Ash Fowler said: "The GP’s need to sort it out! Speaking from personal experience, called up to make appointment and TOLD to go to A&E. I explained not an A&E issue. Lazy and it’s become too easy or the norm for them to fob you off. Get back to work and give the hospitals a break."

Tenzin Julie Kelly said: "The problem is, when someone goes to A&E they believe it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter who they are or what’s wrong, nobody is going to go and sit for hours on end if they don’t deem it necessary."

Tilly Lamp said: "People don't know where to turn if they cannot see a GP, a phone call is not like a face to face consultation if people are worried. This country is becoming like a third world country."

Becky Louise said: "GPs won't see patients and refer them to ring 111. No wonder the hospitals are overflowing when GPs are using Covid as an excuse not to see patients."