THREE East Lancashire towns have been named as some of the worst places to live in England.

Blackburn ranked as the 15th worst place to live in the country, according to a new survey by the satirical website iLiveHere. Last year, the town ranked in the same position on the list.

It was not the only town in East Lancashire, however, to make the list.

Burnley ranked the 25th worst place to live in England.

One voter said of the town: "Bigoted, illiterate and unemployed? You've found your new home!"

Accrington, described as the 'Chernobyl of the North West', ranked 28th.

The survey, which is conducted annually, took a poll of 110,172 people, who voted where the top 50 worst places to live in the country were.

Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington were ranked higher than nearby Bolton, which was said to be the 6th worst town to live in England.

Aylesbury has been crowned the worst place to live in the UK, shortly followed by Huddersfield, Luton and Liverpool.