Very best wishes to Chris Boardman on his successful cancer surgery.

However, I wonder how many Lancashire Telegraph readers have tried to get an appointment with their GP to discuss a problem other than Covid?

I was told that I had to produce evidence of a negative PCR test before I could see my doctor.

Last week I could not get a PCR test because on dialling 119 I was told the tests were being “rationed”.

Despite testing negative on lateral flow tests ,which fortunately I was able to get from a pharmacy, I was told to keep ringing 119 daily in the hope of getting an appointment for a test.

I telephoned 119 today (January 3) and was offered a test 35 miles away in Cumbria.

The Covid testing system is in chaos. Lateral flow tests are not accurate hence the vast numbers of people testing positive but not seriously ill.

Lateral flow tests are not available despite propaganda from Government Ministers this morning and if , like Chris Boardman, I thought I had cancer I can’t see my GP because I cannot get hold of a PCR test unless of course I pay £76 online to get one - yet more private companies cashing in on Covid.

So Lancashire Telegraph, your headline ‘Don’t wait to get tested’ does not reflect what is happening in reality to ordinary Lancashire folk.

Tony Callaghan