Openreach say they are carrying out investigations into why an East Lancashire street is still without phone or broadband signal more than a month after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc across the country.

Dog Pits Lane in Weir, near Bacup, has been without a phone or broadband service since the storm hit on November 25 last year.

A relative of a resident on the road contacted the Lancashire Telegraph to express concerns about the number of vulnerable and elderly people living down Dog Pits Lane who had been left with no means of contacting the outside world for more than a month.

The family member said: "Dog Pits Lane at Weir near Bacup has been without a phone or broadband service since Storm Arwen struck on November 25th.

"There are vulnerable, elderly people living down the lane who have no means of contacting the outside world in case of medical or other emergencies.

"The mobile signal in the area is extremely poor too.

"My son and daughter-in-law live there and are concerned for some of their neighbours.

"Repeated enquires have been unable to resolve the problem and, the residents haven't been given any information at all, and feel like they're up against a brick wall."

There are around 10 to 12 properties on Dog Pits Lane, and it is believed a road closure is to be put in place on Burnley Road, which is the main road running between Bacup and Burnley, so a phone line can be brought across the carriageway, but when this is set to happen is unclear.

Openreach say their engineers are still investigating the cause of the outage.

A spokesperson for the telecommunications company said: “We’re really sorry that some properties at Weir are unable to use their phone or broadband at the moment.

"We’re investigating the cause of the delay and will give an update as soon as we know more.

“We understand how frustrating this must be for anyone affected and we thank everyone involved for their patience.

"Anyone experiencing any disruption with their phone or broadband service should report it to their service provider who will then inform us.

"Members of the public can help us by reporting any damage or unsafe equipment on our network via the Help and Support section of our website."