New Year's Eve is officially on after weeks of uncertainty surrounding the government's response to the Omicron variant potentially shutting, or at least restricting, hospitality. We asked our readers if they are planning on staying in or going out, this is what they said...

It has always been a big night on the calendar for all across the country and fears were growing that further restrictions to combat the rapid spread of Covid-19 would cancel the night as we know it.

However, an announcement from health secretary Sajid Javid on Monday (December 27), offered relief to revellers far and wide as he confirmed that no further restrictions would be implemented "before the New Year", giving the green light to celebrations without limits.

Many of our readers appeared happy to follow the government guidance on what they deem to be safe and will be enjoying the night out as they would in a pre-Covid world, while others are set to take a more cautious approach in the interests of not contracting the virus.

Anthony Perkins said: "We'll be having NYE drinks and eats at a friend's house followed by fireworks and sparklers at midnight, and a jolly good knees up to boot."

On the contrary, Paula New wrote: "I'll be staying in with my dogs because they're scared of the fireworks. They should be banned for good."

Elaine Kenyon and Donna Hennigan said that they would be "staying in and being safe".

Some, in a tongue-in-cheek jibe at reports out of Downing Street in recent weeks, suggested they'd be having a "garden party in our work clothes"... others called it "socially distanced cheese and wine".

Janet Lawrenson, Janet Whittaker and Kristina Watson also said they'd be "enjoying nice food and drinks at home".

Adam Barlow said: "If someone is coughing and sneezing all over the place, keep your distance. If you're not feeling well, maybe stay at home. Otherwise, live your lives!"

David Sweeney said he would be staying at home to be "better safe than sorry".

Roy Wallbank said: "We're off out celebrating. There is no need for restrictions anyway as most are double jabbed and the new variant is mild."

Some said that they will be working on New Year's Eve but the responses to our question were generally split between going out and staying in.

Whatever you opt to do, from all at the Lancashire Telegraph, have a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.