A mug which has been banned from sale at a market has gone on to raise £170 for a hospice.

A mug with the slogan “In Rossendale we call our idiots ‘The Council’” has been banned from sale on the Handmade in Rossendale stall on Rawtenstall Market.

Cllr Alyson Barnes, leader of Rossendale Borough Council, said she felt that not all council staff would “appreciate the joke”.

Owner of Handmade in Rossendale, Anthony Gotts was ordered to stop selling the mug on his stall by the council. He found them a new home at Queens Dock Barbers, on Bank Street, and has since earned £170 selling off his stock, with the full amount to be donated to Rossendale Hospice.

One of the mugs filled with the cash they have raised for Rossendale Hospice

One of the mugs filled with the cash they have raised for Rossendale Hospice

Writing on his company's social media page before the festive season, Anthony said: “I really don't have time for one councillor without a sense of humour making things more difficult for my business in the build up to Christmas during a pandemic.

“I've been selling these mugs for almost three years, local councillors, politicians, council workers have all bought them along with other members of the public.

"We've all had a bit of fun chatting about them, they've been a great ice breaker."

The stall was originally selling the mugs on the market for several years but suddenly, Anthony was sent a letter telling him he had to stop selling the mugs or he would lose his stall.

This led to the stall holder finding a new home for the mugs to be sold that was not on council property.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Rawtenstall Market

Anthony said on his page that he has sold well over 100 mugs as well as other merchandise with the slogan on and, since airing his grievance and moving the mugs to a new home, he has now sold out of the full £150 worth of stock of the mugs and raised even more for charity.

Writing on the Facebook post, Cllr Alyson Barnes said: “Whilst I could see the humour in it, I felt that the wording on the mug was disparaging towards the council and I wasn’t at all sure that council staff, who live locally and choose to support the market would appreciate the joke.

“Nor did it seem appropriate to sell these mugs on council premises.

“Subsequently I asked that the issue be raised directly with the trader.”