An investigation has been launched after the body of a young dog was found dumped in a bin.

The grisly discovery was made by members of the public who came across a blue bin which had been discarded in Walverden Park, Nelson, at around 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon (December 21).

Inside they found the body of a young male lurcher-pointer cross dog which had been wrapped in a blanket and curtains stained with blood.

Inspector Vicki McDonald, from the RSPCA said: “It was obviously very distressing for those people who made this horrific discovery.

“We don’t know how this poor dog died but the way the body was disposed of makes the incident seem highly suspicious and I am keen to find out what has happened as this seems such a callous way to dump a beloved pet.” 

Vicki is keen to hear from anyone who knows someone who had a dog like this - which had no microchip - and also believes some items left at the scene may help identify the person responsible.

She said: “The dog was found in a blue bin with the number ‘51’ sprayed on in grey so I am hoping to trace where this came from and find who may be missing a bin.

“He was also wrapped in a distinctive dressing gown as well as a baby blanket (both pictured) which I am hoping someone may know who these items belonged to as this suggests the dog may have come from a home where a young child or children live.

“There was also a red suitcase dumped at the side of the bin with silver tape on it which may help identify who owned this dog - and I am keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area before the discovery was made.

“I am also appealing for local people and businesses to check their CCTV in the  Park Drive/Brunswick Street area around Monday and Tuesday to see if it can help us with our enquiries and potentially identify the person that dumped the dog.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The dog was wrapped in a distinctive dressing gown as well as a baby blanket (RSPCA)

The charity has launched its Christmas appeal Join the Christmas Rescue to keep its rescue teams out on the road 365 days a year saving animals from neglect and abuse and investigating cases like this.

Dermot Murphy, Chief Inspectorate Officer, said: “After another exceptionally tough year, this Christmas, more than any, should be a time for joy and  togetherness. A time to be safe inside, loved and protected from the cold.  

“But for thousands of innocent animals this is sadly not the case. Cruelly treated, neglected and abandoned, many face a Christmas of continued abuse or slow starvation, without warmth or affection.

"We are often their only hope, so we must do whatever it takes to rescue animals who desperately need us and stop their suffering. This is why we’re asking people to support our Christmas appeal - Join the Christmas Rescue to help keep us out rescuing the animals who need us most.” 

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018.