Bradley Dack has made a generous donation to Blackburn Rovers’ charity partner, Benefit Mankind.

The midfielder made the announcement that he is donating a day’s wages to the charity, which they can use to invest in local projects.

Posting to his social media accounts, Bradley said: “Just a quick one to say that I will be donating a day’s wages to Blackburn Rovers’ partner, Benefit Mankind.

“It’s an amazing charity that do so much work for the local community and around the world.

“Hopefully my donation can make a small difference to those that they help over the festive period in local communities in the Blackburn area.

“Thanks guys. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

According to Football League FC, Bradley has estimated weekly earnings of around £18,000 meaning the charity could be looking forward to a generous donation of a couple of thousand pound.

Abdussamad Mulla, CEO and chief executive of Benefit Mankind, said the kind donation will make a big difference to local families.

He said: “We found out yesterday (20 December) on social media that he had donated money towards our local projects and we were absolutely surprised and appreciate what he is doing."

Dr Mulla said the donation will “make a massive difference to struggling families in the UK”.

He said: “We are absolutely thrilled with Bradley’s support towards our local projects, this will go a long way in assisting those struggling to meet daily needs.

“What an amazing individual with a heart of gold, together we will continue to benefit mankind.

"The funds will be utilised towards our homeless support project and towards helping families suffering from domestic violence.”

Benefit Mankind is an international aid relief and development organisation and has been at the forefront of a number of regional campaigns to support the vulnerable.

They recently won a Lancashire Telegraph Community Heroes Award. In 12 months the charity delivered more than 40,000 food packs in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

The charity also identified many students who were struggling for food and basic necessities and launched the School Meal Support campaign.

This year, the charity teamed up with Blackburn Rovers for the 2021-22 season, with a number of fundraising and awareness activities scheduled to take place throughout the course of the campaign.

Earlier this month, the charity joined forces with Rovers to sell specially-branded blankets in the club shop to help raise funds for a winter appeal. The campaign aims to assist the homeless.

If anyone wants to support the charity’s local projects you can visit the Benefit Mankind website: .