AN MP has defended herself against a claim she held a supermarket advice session without wearing a mask.

Hyndburn Conservative backbencher Sara Britcliffe has been accused of breaking government guidelines on face coverings at a constituency surgery at Great Harwood Tesco on Saturday by former Labour borough and county councillor Bernard Dawson.

He said: “Supermarket staff are expected to wear masks. We must all take the necessary precautions to protect one another.

"Yet once again, not for the first time, a member of the government thinks that its one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

"After the shame of the last few weeks and 10 Downing Street covering up parties for staff and the government, you would have thought she would have taken notice of public opinion, the protection of others and the dangers of spreading the new virulent virus

"Recently she has been wearing her mask at Westminster but she seems to have forgotten it on Saturday.”

Ms Britcliffe said: "I held a supermarket surgery in the foyer of Great Harwood's Tesco next to the doors on Saturday.

"During that time I also had coffee as it was quite nippy and I was at back to back visits and meetings all day.

"When walking inside the supermarket I, of course, had a mask on at all times, as you would expect.

"I know lots of people we represent are tired of these attempts to take things completely out of context to try and score a few political points.

"Residents I speak to would rather everyone just spent their time and effort making Hyndburn better for them."