A cafe has shared their worries about 'confusing' new restrictions having a dramatic effect on their business.

Sanwitches Cafe in Sabden are reminding customers that they are still open for eat in and takeaway meals after a number of customers have called them confused about whether they will remain open with the new guidance which is in place to try and tackle the Omicron variant.

Owners Christine and David Moore say that they have already seen a decrease in business since the Omicron variant was detected in the country and are now worried that they may see an even harsher drop of businesses as work from home restrictions have been re-introduced from today (December 10).

David, 57, said: "We're still here; we're still open; we're still welcoming customers.

"We will still offer eat in and takeaway under the new restrictions so if you are working at home and live in Sabden, please don't forget about us.

"We understand there is Covid out there but with that announcement, the last two weeks business has been dropping away."

The couple have been running the cafe for nearly nine years but are now concerned that the work from home guidance will see them struggle going through the festive period.

He added: "With people working from home, we are heading into winter so for someone to come out in the cold and get a sandwich and walk back, they probably wont do it.

"I think this will be quite severe. People will be at home and stay at home instead of coming to the local cafe."

During the first lockdowns, the cafe was entitled to business support but they worry that, as the most recent guidance is not as strict, they will not receive any help due to them being able to remain open.

David said that they would not be here without the support of the locals during the first few months of the pandemic last year.

He said: "Same locals, same people, same butties, same food. The locals are very loyal.

"Last year we felt the loyalty of the locals, we would have just sunk with the other small businesses without them and the business support."