THE chairman of Accrington Stanley Football Club has strongly condemned the behaviour of a handful of Fleetwood Town supporters during the clubs' clash at the Wham Stadium on Saturday.

Andy Holt took to Twitter on Saturday following the actions of some away fans, as they caused trouble in Accrington town centre, terrified shoppers, and vandalised the club's toilets.

A 14-year-old boy was allegedly attacked in the street, while reports suggest racially aggravated behaviour was also witnessed in the town.

In a series of enraged Tweets, Mr Holt said: "So, before, during and after the Accrington Stanley game against Fleetwood I was getting texts and messages about their fan behaviour.

"Not all fans. Some idiots. I had a good chat to their supporters club earlier in the day. Decent folk.

"Anyhow, these idiots were running round our town indiscriminately punching townsfolk going about their Saturday, for no reason.

"These idiots flooded and destroyed our toilet facilities that we take pride in keeping clean and in good order.

"These idiots spat at our players and wouldn’t respond to our light touch approach by stewards. They spoilt the day.

"I accept my responsibility as the town's club owner. And it’s a shame that the many are affected for these idiots.

"A bill will be sent to Fleetwood for damage.

"If we play them next season the absolute minimum number of tickets will be allocated. The tickets will be more expensive.

"They will not be allowed in our bars and hospitality. There will be no alcohol or food sales for away fans. The only toilets available will be steel containers.

"I will ask our officials to work directly with their counterparts at Fleetwood to try to ensure decent match going fans don’t miss out too much.

"In six years at Accrington Stanley these are the worst fans and aggro I’ve encountered. I don’t need authorities to tell me what to do.

"I’m not wearing this, not for our police, our stewards, our club, our town, our people.

"Shameful behaviour. Unacceptable. All fans punished for a few clowns.

"I would post the messages I received during the match but it identifies people. They will be forwarded to police.

"We will continue operating as we do. I won’t let the idiots spoil our attitude towards the overwhelming majority of decent visiting supporters."

MP for Hyndburn Sara Britcliffe also took to Twitter to express her anger.

She said: "Absolutely appalling behaviour by away fans from Fleetwood.

"I expect Fleetwood Town to take appropriate action when they identify those involved. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

"Also heard that they have made random attacks on member of the public.

"I’ll be loud and clear, this is not how we behave in our community and is not accepted."