How is cancelling a new oil field and stopping fracking helping Great Britain to become carbon neutral? All that it does do is to make us more dependent on imported oil and gas.

The only way to make us carbon neutral is to reduce the total amount of oil and gas that we use.

The government has the objective of doing this, but this is going to take years to completely redevelop the nation’s infrastructure by replacing petrol and diesel vehicles and gas central heating systems and many other schemes.

In the meantime, we will still be dependent on importing oil and gas at whatever is the world market price and at a net deficit to the British economy.

Why can we not produce our own oil, gas and even coal as a part of the process of going carbon neutral, instead of importing it from other countries, that might not be producing it, using our high environmental standards?

What is the difference between using our oil and gas and importing oil and gas to use?

Michael Albin