Virgin Media has issued an apology to customers who were unable to access some TV channels for more than 10 hours.

Reports first began to appear on Down Detector, a service for reporting outages, around 10.37am on Thursday, December 2.

The UK-wide outage affected 63 percent of customers trying to watch TV while many more reported a "total blackout".

In the latest update from Virgin Media, a spokesperson said: "We sincerely apologise for the issues with our TV service yesterday. Customers can now use their TV services as usual."

Issues after Virgin Media outage

Not all Virgin Media customers may have regained full access to TV channels, social media reports suggest.

One customer said: "Woke up to channels back today but now all channels are pixelating!!! Such a terrible service and to think I pay 85.00 a month for this. Shocking."

Another said: "My TV not working fully can’t get no apps keeps saying no internet connection but I have done everything and still nothing no Virgin TV go."

One Virgin Media customer said: "I still have problems tv box in the living room not working but bedroom one is, tried calling and virgin sent a link to my mobile but can't access link."

Some Virgin Media customers are experiencing issues with their internet connection.

One customer told Down Detector: "Yesterday it was no TV. Today the internet is messing around. I really didn't want to go into the office today but now I'm going to have to. Thanks a lot Virgin!"

222 reports of issues with Virgin Media TV, streaming, and internet services have been recorded on Down Detector, as of 9am on Friday, December 3.

Can Virgin Media customers claim compensation over outage?

Many Virgin Media customers have taken to social media demanding compensation for the TV outage and faults.

One customer responded to Virgin Media's apology: "Well that’s not good enough. Paying high prices for a service we didn’t get for a day. I’ll assume there will be a price reduction on my next bill?"

Another said: "How about some financial compensation?"

Despite the outage affecting TV services for most of Thursday, December 2, Virgin Media customers will not be able to claim compensation.

"This doesn't come under the automatic compensation policy," a spokesperson for Virgin Media said.

Under Virgin Media's automatic compensation policy, customers can only claim back money if there is a total loss of service for two full working days.

More information on the automatic compensation policy can be found via the Virgin Media website.