EAST Lancashire company Pendle Bike Racks has launched a new cycle rack which the company calls its "hero product."

The engineers at the firm, based on Pendle Industrial Estate, Southfield Street, Nelson, have designed a new model, the ErgoRack, that fits most vehicles and adapts to being used as bike storage at home.

The new British-made roof-mounted cycle rack is also able to be converted for tandem use and can carry E-Bike and managing director Chris Smith says he is confident that the new ErgoRack is a will be a popular hit with cycling enthusiasts.

He said: “Without doubt, the new ‘ErgoRack’ is our hero product.

"It’s the only rack in our range that is designed specifically for the roof, and it boasts components with all our core trademarks of strength, dependability and simplicity.

“Made in Britain, built to last and based on all the valued feedback from our customers, this is one bike rack that is set to take the market by storm.”

The grey and orange rack is made out of powder coated mild steel and anodised aluminium, with a unique curved design which helps it have a 23kg storage capacity.

The front wheel is removed for safety, with mounts on the front and rear roof bars left in situ with the vehicle, which reduces the time needed to get the loaded bike rack in place for journeys.

The company, who were founded in 1977, have designed the ErgoRack so that multiple racks can be attached at the same time for use for groups or families.

The ErgoRack is available for £199.99 from the Pendle Bike Racks website, where more information can be found.