Over 500 households were without power after an ‘unexpected incident’ on a high voltage cable.

A power cut hit 565 homes in Colne who have been without power since just before 5.20am this morning (November 29).

The repair team have attended the incident and restored power to most of the properties however 30 households are set to be without power until 6pm.

A spokesperson for Electricity North West said: “This power cut has been caused by an unexpected incident on the high voltage cable that provides electricity to your home or business.

“We didn't know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.

“Please be aware that all our time scales are estimated based on previous experience and may change if new information becomes available while our engineers are fixing the issue.

“With high voltage power cut’s, we're often able to get many of the homes involved back on before our estimated time of restoration.”