A stable and nativity scene has been broken into with the figures being knocked down less than 24 hours after its installation.

Clitheroe Town Council has branded the incident 'disappointing' and 'unacceptable' and has removed the figures in the nativity scene in front of Clitheroe Castle gates until they can be secured with a camera and alarm.

Police have been contacted and the council has asked that anyone with any information should contact 101.

A spokesperson for the town council said: "Disappointed is an understatement!

"The new stable/nativity scene at the castle gates has been broken into. The figures have been in less than 24 hours and had all been tipped over and sweet wrappers found.

"The police are involved and the figures have been removed until they can be secured with a camera and an alarm. So sorry to anyone who may have been planning to visit it.

"If anyone has any info could they please call 101. The RVBC security cameras are going to be checked so hopefully it will show the culprits and they can be punished accordingly as this is not acceptable"