A TEENAGER who popped to the shop for some milk ended up in a police cell.

Blackburn magistrates heard police came upon a fight between two youths and had to pepper spray them both to break them up.

Thomas James Hilton, 18, of Cliff Street, Rishton, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour. He was made subject to a community order for 24 months with 35 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 100 hours unpaid work. The other combatant, who was 17 years of age and cannot be named for legal reasons, was dealt with by a youth caution.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said police had attended another incident and were about to leave when they heard a commotion from down the road. There was a large crowd of people and Hilton and the other teenager were exchanging punches and showed no signs of stopping.

"The officers used pepper spray on both of them to bring the fight to an end," said Mr Robinson.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Hilton had been caring his father who suffered from motor neurone disease and had popped to the shop to get some milk.

He said Hilton had recently been attacked with a machete, which had left him with a serious injury, and since then had tried to keep himself to himself.

"He was in the shop when he saw the other teenager, who was with two friends, staring at him," said Mr Taylor. "As he left the shop the other youth and his friends followed. It was clear the other teenager wanted to fight.

"My client should have run off but he didn't know if he would be pursued back to his father's house which he didn't want to happen," said Mr Taylor.

He said Hilton had not gone out looking for trouble.

"He didn't cause the situation but he got embroiled in it," said Mr Taylor. "He accepts it went a little further than self-defence."