A mum says she is “heartbroken” that she can’t watch her children’s nativity play in person for the second year running.

Jane Cockcroft said her children, Jack, four, and Harriet, five, are excited to be starring in a nativity play at Northern Primary School in Bacup.

However, school staff say they are considering recording it once again instead of inviting parents to watch it live, due to coronavirus.

Lancashire Telegraph: (L-R) Harriet, Jane and Jack Cockcroft(L-R) Harriet, Jane and Jack Cockcroft

Ms Cockcroft, from Weir, near Bacup, said: “Last week, my children came home telling me what parts they will be playing.

"I emailed the school and said I was desperate to come and watch them and if they could let me know when it’s going to be so I could organise work commitments.

“I got a response saying that this year they wouldn’t be having parents in and that it will be recorded again.”

The mum-of-two added that she is “heartbroken” by the news and said her children are “gutted” that their parents can’t come and watch the performance.

She explained: “Jack came home and his first words to me were ‘grown ups can come and watch’.

"He was so excited to think that his parents can come and watch him and it’s now come to light that they aren’t going to let parents in.

“He’s such a bubbly child, we are learning his lines and he deserves someone to be there and proud of what he’s doing."

The upset mother added that it "feels like it’s another year of memories gone."

She added: “Some might feel like it’s irrelevant and not important, but in a child’s life, especially in Key Stage One, they won’t get many opportunities to do this again.”

Ms Cockcroft added that she has been left feeling “confused” about the decision, especially as society has been able to adapt so well to the pandemic and restrictions.

She added: “I just think it’s a joke, when I see all these Christmas events and parties where people are shoulder-to-shoulder.

“We can do absolutely everything else at the minute but we can’t go and watch the nativity?”

Lancashire Telegraph: Jane Cockcroft with five-year-old daughter, Harriet Jane Cockcroft with five-year-old daughter, Harriet

She added: “The children are still going into the school as normal and we as parents are still being encouraged to do everything else as normal.

“I understand why they have to be careful – but I think we have become so adaptable since Covid has started that there are ways of being careful.

“For instance, they could limit how many family members come and ensure masks are worn for instance.

“I just don’t understand why we are being stopped from doing this.”

She added that children need this kind of confidence boost that comes from a nativity play performance adding that parents need to be “integral in that part of their life.”

She added: “I don’t want it to become the norm that we just don’t do nativity plays anymore – it’s in our culture it’s what we do.

“School is a vital part of a child’s life and I feel like parents need to be integral in that part of their life too.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Northern Primary School in Bacup (Photo: Google Maps)Northern Primary School in Bacup (Photo: Google Maps)

Jacqueline Marr, headteacher of Northern Primary School, said the school haven't made a final decision about the nativity play - but are "considering" recording it.

Ms Marr explained:"We're conscious that, while some people are comfortable mixing in public, there are others who are still trying to minimise their contact, and as a school we are trying to bear this in mind, while catering for everyone's needs as far as we can. 

"Due to the very limited space inside our school hall we have to prioritise keeping the whole school community safe so everyone is able to celebrate Christmas with their families.

"A number of our students and staff are currently self-isolating having tested positive for Covid and while we haven't yet made a final decision about how we will hold nativity plays this year we are considering recording them for parents and families to view later as we did last year. "