An industry day was hosted for college students by an e-commerce company to motivate them about their future careers.

Nelson and Colne college students attended EKM, a Preston-based ecommerce company, on Thursday (November 18) for a motivational industry day.

The purpose of the day centred around exposing students to a variety of career options in the digital sector, with a focus on necessary skills and traits for success in tech.

Among the careers represented on the main stage were marketing, business development, user experience, web design, and software development.

But the take home message for the 65 students was the importance of choosing a career path that you love.

CEO and founder of EKM, Antony Chesworth said: “Three out of four people hate their jobs. That’s not what we want for these students as they look to go out and join the workforce.

“When you choose what to study where you want to work, you need to make sure you’re choosing to do something that you love.

“Too many people spend their life working for the weekend or waiting to enjoy life until they retire.

“It doesn’t have to be that way if you find something you’re passionate about.”

The students enjoyed listening to seven members of the EKM team, including a masterclass on front-end web development taught by senior web developer Jack Caldwell.

As students broke for lunch, they got a chance to speak one-on-one to the presenters and gain insight on what it’s really like to work for a company like EKM.

After a day full of learning, the students finished the day with a trip down the famous EKM three-storey slide and some games in the canteen.

Curriculum leader creative and digital, Nafisa Naheed said: “The pandemic has had a massive detrimental impact on learners.

“That is why spending the day at EKM with professional and inspiring speakers was really special for them. The students were buzzing when they came back."