The owner of a children’s farm school operating without planning permission near a gas pipeline classed as a hazard risk has another chance this week to gain consent to keep her business based at the location.

Georgie Mitchell, who runs Nest Farm School at Greenhead Lane, Brierfield, has issued a ‘last call’ to parents to support her at a Pendle Council meeting on Thursday, when she will have another chance to argue her case to stay at the location.

She has also launched a farm animal adoption scheme which she says will support the farm school in the form of a not-for-profit community interest company.

Georgie rents an agricultural building and land at the site, and started the venture three years ago. She did not apply for planning permission. She said she was a first-generation farmer who was simply unaware of planning requirements.

Recently, she submitted a retrospective application seeking permission to use the land and the agricultural building for her business activities, including car parking for the parents of children, who take part in activities such gardening and looking after animals.

However, Pendle planning officers had advised councillors on the Nelson, Brierfield and Reedley Committee to refuse permission for various reasons including the gas pipeline nearby. In addition, they asked councillors to authorise an enforcement order which, if passed, would require Georgie to stop her activities within three months.

But councillors were split on the application at the Nelson committee meeting in early November.  Although some sympathised with Georgie they were also worried about gas explosion risks and rejecting safety warnings and planning officers’ recommendations.

Committee chairman Coun Naeem Ashraf then used his casting vote to support the Nest Farm School retrospective application.

However, approving the application would represent a significant departure from council planning policy regarding the various reasons for refusal. So the application was passed to the borough’s more-senior policy & resources committee for a decision this week. The committee meets this Thursday and faces the same recommendation for refusal and authorisation of a cease order.

Meanwhile Georgie, a former Great Britain snowboarder, has been active on social media encouraging supporters to attend Thursday’s meeting in Nelson to show their backing.  She has also been promoting a farm animal adoption scheme.

She said: “This is a last plea for help, support and a dash of kick-ass positivity in our last push as a farm school community to gain planning permission to stay open as the farm school we all love.

“Represent the farm school and [show] what a wonderful place it is for children and adults as an alternative education, outdoor pursuit and mental well-being hub.  “I will be speaking in front of 14 local councillors. This is the big meeting. I will get the answer of yes or no. Absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking but I’ve lots of passion and fight in my heart.

“I’m putting on an open invite to you all attend the meeting and show support. I’m talking, let’s go big. Let’s come together and show the committee how we are all in the fight for the farm school. A rally, a protest, a peaceful march, whatever. I will just be happy to see you their backing me and my farm school."

Another Facebook post stated: “Why not give the gift of adopting an animal from farm school? In turn, it would massively help support the farm school community interest company, offer a special gift and hold an educational benefit.”

Animals include a pig, pygmy goats, a hen and rabbit.

The meeting is at Nelson Town Hall on Thursday at 7pm.