A man who 'got in with the wrong crowd' died from morphine and heroin poisoning after collapsing under a bridge in Blackburn

Paul Hargreaves, 36, had recently been released from prison and was keen to kick his drug habit, with an appointment made at drug services centre, Inspire for June 22, an inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard.

However, his pharmacist raised concerns about his appearance with the drug service, following an attendance to pick up his methadone prescription on June 14.

Attempts were then made by Inspire to contact Mr Hargreaves, who had been released from prison on bail, after he failed to collect his prescription three days in a row.

He also failed to attend his appointment on June 22.

Coroner Sian Jones said: "Further attempts were made to contact Paul but there was no answer.

"On June 29, a phone call was made to his brother telling him he was in breach of his bail conditions and was wanted on recall to prison.

"His brother said he had seen him a few days earlier but not since.

"Paul was stopped by police on June 30 and had some drugs confiscated from him.

"A letter was then posted at the bail hostel where Paul was staying asking him to attend a rescheduled appointment with Inspire on July 12.

"Inspire then received a call informing them he had died on July 1."

Ms Jones told the court that around 8.20pm on July 1, an officer on patrol in Blackburn had been informed by members of the public that a man had collapsed under the bridge on Darwen Street close to the ice rink.

CCTV from the area showed Mr Hargreaves, formerly of Dickinson Close, Blackburn, walking towards the bridge from the ice arena, passing a man on a bench and taking what appeared to be a cigarette from him before walking under the bridge.

Ms Jones said he remained there for a couple of minutes and then could be seen sagging to the floor.

Passers by tried to attend to him and an ambulance was called before paramedics took him to Royal Blackburn Hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead.

A medical cause of death was offered as morphine and methadone toxicity and Ms Jones recorded a drug related death conclusion.

Following the conclusion, Mr Hargreaves family asked why he wasn't arrested when he was stopped by police the day before his death if there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Ms Jones said: "If you have concerns you would need to take those up with the police as I can't answer those questions."

Mr Hargreaves family said in a statement: "Paul wasn't a bad person. He was a lovely lad. He got in with the wrong crowd and got swallowed up."