A 33-year-old man who had been on a drug detox programme died after discharging himself from the service and falling back into old habits.

Jonny Riley, from Blackburn, was found dead in a friend's room at an address on Preston New Road on June 23, after overdosing on heroin.

An inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard despite attempts to reverse the overdose using a drug prescribed to counteract the effects of heroin, Mr Riley could not be saved.

Coroner Sian Jones told the hearing that Mr Riley, who had a history of drug addiction as well as other troubles, was on a drug reduction programme and had entered rehab in an attempt to stop his prescription methadone use and free himself entirely from drugs.

However, several days before his death he discharged himself from the programme, and on June 22 had met up with some other drug users known to him, before heading back to the house on Preston New Road.

Giving evidence at the inquest, adult social worker, Norma Bruce said: "He was doing well on the detox and was very enthusiastic about his recovery.

"However there was an incident that occurred when he was on the placement and he left earlier than we wanted him to.

"We were very keen for Jonny to carry on with his placement and urged him to re-engage with the service and speak to us should he need anything.

"An email was then sent to us from his probation officer on June 22 to say they could not contact Jonny, and we were then informed that he had passed away."

A medical cause of death was offered as heroin toxicity, with Ms Jones saying Mr Riley's recent attempts to detox would have reduced his tolerance levels to the drug, increasing the risk of dying if it was taken in large amounts.

She said: "The level was so high that even those who used the drug regularly may not have been able to tolerate the amount, and the fact he had been on a detox programme would have reduced his tolerance dramatically."

In a statement, friend Martin Robinson said he'd bumped into Mr Riley on June 22 and could tell he was under the influence of drugs.

They met up with another acquaintance and Mr Robinson was asked to take care of Mr Riley as it was clear he was not well.

Before they could go back to Mr Robinson's house on Preston New Road, Mr Riley insisted they go to Corporation Park so he could collect some needles.

Mr Robinson's statement read: "He smoked some drugs in the park and then we went back to my place.

"He was not in a state where I could get any conversation out of him so I left him to go and play cards but returned every few hours to check on him.

"When I came back one time there was a packet of needles open on the floor and I could tell he had taken more drugs.

"I left again and when I came back he was asleep and snoring so I tried to get some sleep too.

"I woke up an hour or so later and it was daylight and I tried to wake Jonny as he wasn't supposed to be in my room but he wasn't breathing.

"My friend Derek tried to reverse the overdose and gave him chest compressions until the ambulance arrived."

Ms Jones said: "It was clear Jonny was quite heavily under the influence of drugs and ended up going back to an address where sadly the effects of the drugs were such that it caused his death.

"Jonny died of heroin toxicity and I record a drug related death conclusion."

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Riley's mother, Denise Wilkinson said her son was a loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone.

She said: "His heart was always in the right place and he's going to be missed by many."