Some go early, some leave it late, some don't bother at all - we asked our readers when they deem it 'acceptable' to erect their Christmas trees and get into the festive spirit. The responses were varied, to say the least.

Many said on and never before December 1 - a tried and tested method that, in fairness, makes sense. It is around this time that Mariah Carey starts whaling through supermarket speakers, mince pies sell like hotcakes and everyone starts to speculate about whether or not The Queen will abdicate before we sit down for dinner.

Steph McGowan felt so strongly about this that she boldly stated people putting their trees up too early "ruins the spirit of Christmas".

Karen Gibson, however, proudly presented a picture of her Christmas tree already up in the front room, adding "it's personal choice, put it up whenever you want to," before Caroline Craghill and Laura Marie complimented her tasteful decorations.

Those of a more traditional or religious mindset, like Ann Evans and Nicky Hassell, said 12 days before Christmas, meaning December 13.

Mr Hassell said: "I usually put mine up around two weeks before, then take it down on December 27 ready for my sons birthday."

Taking the miserable couple of years endured during the pandemic into account, Lesley Ryan said: "Everyone should just mind their own business and do what makes them happy.

"What does it matter if someone wants to get excited early and someone doesn't.

"After the rubbish year everyone's had it's nice to see people getting excited about something! It doesn't affect anyone else."

On the contrary, Lisa Jayne branded it "cruel" to make children wait by putting a tree up in November.

She said: "Advent is long enough and keeps the magic of Christmas real."

Denise Brogden, not one for the magic of Christmas, or a friend of Ebenezer Scrooge, said: "Never, I don't get involved in it at all."

That's the spirit.