A man who tried to burgle his own mother's house while she was on holiday with his child has avoided a jail sentence.

On August 24 2020, Keith Bridson called his mother while she was in Blackpool with his son (whom she was the sole carer for), pestering her for money.

Preston Crown Court heard that his mother was so used to receiving calls of this nature from Bridson that she ignored it.

However, the following day she received a call to say her property, on Sandpiper Square in Burnley, had been broken into, leaving a window to a storage room smashed and bent out of shape.

Prosecuting, Rachel Woods told the court: "A neighbour said she heard two men having a conversation on the street at around 11.30am on August 23.

"She had then seen the two men on her CCTV moving a wheelie bin down the road.

"Then she heard the sound of breaking glass before the two men walked off."

The court was told how police arrived and were alerted to the two men, one of whom was Bridson, walking down Accrington Road, not far from Bridson's mother's house.

The men were stopped and told police they had been in the area as they were buying cocaine and hadn't had any involvement with the incident.

However, Bridson was arrested and declined to answer any questions in the police interview, before being released.

Miss Woods continued: "He is 31years of age with a number of previous convictions and was subject to a post sentence supervision order at the time of this offence after recently serving a short sentence for possession of a bladed article.

"Although there was nothing stolen, as far as he is concerned, this was a breach of trust as it was his own mother's house he was attempting to break into to steal items while she was away."

Defending Bridson, Mark Friend said his client was ashamed he had committed this offence and had been in a state of inebriation at the time.

He said: "He had moved to Burnley with his partner but after being asked to leave the premise he was staying in found himself on the streets and regressed back into the use of class A drugs and alcohol.

"However since this incident he has moved to Preston with his partner and was starting to do well but it was a consequence of him failing to attend court for this matter that a bench warrant was issued for his arrest in August this year.

"His mother has since moved house and has not shared her address with her son."

Bridson, previously of Accrington Road, Burnley, eventually pleaded guilty to attempted burglary with intent after he was arrested on September 3 and was remanded into custody.

Judge Richard Gioserano said: "You are ashamed of what you have done and so you should be. There your mother is, not only looking after your child but taking him to Blackpool, and you show respect by trying to burgle her home.

"There were signs of you moving forward with your life before you failed to attend court for this matter as you had moved to Preston and managed to stay away from offending and from drugs.

"Had it not been for your two months in prison awaiting sentencing I would have imposed a prison sentence on you today."

Bridson was given a two year community order, and told to carry out 25 rehabilitation days and participate in a nine month drug rehabilitation programme.