Two Albanian nationals have been deported after pleading guilty to their part in the production of cannabis worth almost £1million.

In September a huge cannabis set-up worth almost £1million was uncovered at a property in Coronation Street in Blackpool.

Neighbourhood police and taskforce officers, along with Blackpool Council officers were sent to the house where they were able to gain entry and discovered a cannabis farm, containing 950 plants worth an estimated street value of £950,000.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Two Albanian nationals were located within the building, believed to be Javid Fashions, and arrested on suspicion of the production of cannabis as well as immigration offences. 

Frrok Zefi, 42, and Aldi Gjetani, 27, of no fixed address were charged with production of cannabis and remanded to Lancashire Magistrates Court where they appeared on September 15.

On October 20, Zefi and Gjetani were sentenced at Preston Crown Court to two years in prison for the production of cannabis and a Section 32 UK Borders Act notice was issued for their automatic deportation to Albania.

Following the discovery of the cannabis farm the building was placed under a prohibition order by the council.

Police also discovered, while inspecting the property, that the electricity had been bypassed and connected to a mains supply on a neighbouring road, and therefore requested the attendance of Electricity North West.

Lancashire Telegraph:

At the time of the discovery a spokesperson for the police said: "Blackpool central neighbourhood team alongside Blackpool neighbourhood taskforce and Blackpool council executed a drugs warrant based on community information on Coronation Street, Blackpool on September 13.

"The premises was heavily fortified but entry was gained and a large cannabis setup was located.

"Two Albanian nationals were arrested and have been arrested for production of cannabis and immigration offences.

"The premises has been placed under a prohibition order by the council

"Electricity Northwest were in attendance as the premises had been connected illegally to the mains electric supply on Hull Road, Blackpool.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"This resulted in the mains electric being disconnected for one side of Hull Road in order to fix it.

"In total, around 950 plants were removed with an estimated street value of around £950,000."

The photos show the extent of the cannabis setup, the reinforcement on the door and the electrical connections, which posed a significant fire risk to properties in the immediate area.

Other photos show the living quarters, which are basic and have no windows or ventilation within.

Lancashire Telegraph: