A birthing clinic for labouring mothers is set to re-open after five months.

Blackburn Birth Centre on Park Lee Road, Blackburn, will reopen for expectant patients to attend in labour and give birth from Monday (November 15).

The birth centre, which is part of the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust closed in June due to low staffing levels and is now set to re-open after five months.

A spokesperson for the centre said: “The birth centre is run by midwives who will be able to provide one to one support to help pregnant people give birth naturally in one of the four birth rooms and is recommended for low-risk pregnancies.

“If you are considering having your baby at Blackburn Birth Centre then please discuss this with your team midwife or call the centre.

“Please ensure that you phone the centre in the first instance to ensure the midwives are aware of your arrival in order to check that they have the capacity to support your care.”