A Blackburn man appeared on a TV show earlier today (12 November) with the aim of knocking out the competition and making it to the final.

Hussain Mulla, who works for Lancashire County Council, appeared on BBC TV show, The Tournament, where eight contestants compete in a series of fast-paced quiz battles in an attempt to eliminate their opponents and walk away with a cash prize.

Hussain started the show confidently and even compared himself to one of the world’s most notable athletes, Usain Bolt.

On the show, he said: “I’m Hussain from Blackburn. This tournament is a race to the final and I’m 'Hussain Bolt'.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Hussain Malla appeared on The Tournament as 'Hussain Bolt'Hussain Malla appeared on The Tournament as 'Hussain Bolt'

In the first head-to-head, he went up against his opponent called Kirsty in a battle of history wits.

Before the challenge could start, he said: “She may be quick but she’s not as fast as lightning.

“Let’s make Kirsty history.”

Presenter, Alex Scott added: “I can feel the tension – I love it.”

It was a close game and Hussain successfully answered six history questions correctly – but it wasn’t quite enough for him to claim victory.

“The lightning almost got in there,” Kirsty admitted.

“The pressure got to me a little bit,” Hussain added.

While he didn’t progress in the episode, Hussain will be back to fight another day on next Monday’s episode.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Hussain talked about his experience on the episode which was filmed in mid-August.

He said: “They were looking for enthusiastic fun entertaining contestants. So look no further than me!

"I had a couple of Zoom auditions and impressed them and landed a place in the show.

“Whilst on the show they looked after us all with the makeup, green room etc and we talked to the other contestants.

“I was being the goofy entertaining type person and the backstage staff were really impressed with how funny and entertaining I was and could not wait for me to appear on the show.”

This isn’t Hussain’s first stint on television as he has also appeared on Countdown and The Chase in the past.

Lancashire Telegraph: Hussain Mall on The Chase (Photo: ITV)Hussain Mall on The Chase (Photo: ITV)

He explained: “In May 2018, on The Chase, I wowed the audience with my Klingon gag.

“I then went on Countdown in April 2019 where I won the first show and came home with a Countdown teapot and a goody bag.

“I had my own Countdown Wikipedia page created funnily enough.

“So, I conquered ITV and Channel 4 so I set my sights for the BBC and this is where The Tournament came in."

You can watch today’s episode of The Tournament on BBC iPlayer. You can also catch Hussain on Monday’s episode at 1:45 on BBC One.