'Selfish and reckless' vandals have damaged a rugby pitch by riding across it on what is believed to be a motorbike.

On Thursday evening, police were called to Belvedere and Calder Vale Sports Club on Holden Road in Reedley, Burnley.

It appears that at some point during the evening, a person on a bike has entered the club grounds and driven across the pitch, causing potentially hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of damage to the pitch.

The club, which hosts amateur cricket, football, and rugby teams of all ages, has a game tomorrow, amd is also holding games on Sunday.

Club officials have been contacted for a statement.

Police are now asking anyone who knows who is responsible for the damage to come forward.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Let's find who is responsible for this damage to the Belvedere Rugby pitch at Brierfield/Reedley.

"This facility is used by all ages of the community and how someone could be so selfish and reckless takes some understanding.

"If anyone has any information on this please give us a call or email on 1123@lancashire.police.uk or 101."