A Blackburn Café is offering free Asian style tea to every customer for the duration of the second T20 World Cup Cricket semi-final.

Pakistan take on Australia today, with the winner going on to play England’s conquerors New Zealand in the final.

The Chaii Café based on Freckleton Street is offering 'Karak Chaii' for the duration of the match which lasts around 3 hours. The game kicks off at 2pm.

The offer is one per customer and not ‘endless amounts of cups’ during the three hours.

The drink is made with loose tea leaves, crushed cardamom, saffron and ‘several tea spoons of sugar’.

One potential customer joked: “I'm bringing all of Blackburn tomorrow”

The announcement comes on the back of posts by several food places who have been sharing offers to celebrate Pakistan’s run in the T20 World Cup.

Sliders Pizza and Grill based on Plane Street said they sold over 800 pizzas when they offered 49p pizzas if Pakistan beat India. They also wished to clarify that the owner of Sliders 'was of Indian descent but supports Pakistan'.