A teenager has been fined and made subject to a curfew after pleading guilty to stealing bottles of alcohol from two Booths supermarkets.

Kai Rayson, 19, of Adelaide Terrace, Blackburn, was charged with two counts of theft and appeared before magistrates in Blackburn last week.

The first occurred on August 6, when Rayson stole various bottles of spirits, worth £99.50 from a Booths store in Penwortham.

The following day he travelled to Longridge and stole four bottles of spirits, to the value of £109.50 from another Booths store.

Last week he was fined £208 and was made subject to an electronic curfew between the hours on 7pm and 7am for six weeks.

A spokesperson for the Ribble Valley police welcomed the conviction and said: “Remember the shoplifters in Longridge?

“Well… Kai Rayson of Adelaide Terrace in Blackburn was charged with multiple thefts and appeared before magistrates at Blackburn last week.

“He has been fined £208 as well as being subject to a curfew monitored by a tag to stay indoors between 7pm and 7am daily for six weeks.”