IN its proud 100 history, it’s unlikely that Blackburn’s King George’s Hall had ever seen anything like this before.

Certainly traffic warden Henry MacKenzie was left unsure what to do as a car appeared halfway up the imposing building.

The car in question was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the star of a production taking place at the venue in November 1989.

The only way the production team could get the full-sized car into the theatre and on to the stage was bring in a large crane and hoist it up to a third floor window.

The window had to be taken out and a special scaffolding tower erected before the car could be lifted up to the main hall.

The stage version of the hugely successful movie starring Dick van Dyke as the inventor of a flying car proved to be a big hit with East Lancashire audiences and was certainly worth all the trouble it took to get the car to ‘fly’.

The whole process had to be reversed when it was time for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to leave the building.