A charity with an impeccable reputation and the only one that provides essential, expert support to over 700,000 family members and friends in the UK looking after someone with dementia, Dementia Carers Count continues to change so many lives for the better. Their online learning sessions are just one of many tools that the charity offers, to make a world of difference to carers.

Many people don’t know that family dementia carers exist, or perhaps don’t know the extent of the challenges that they face every day, with 36 per cent spending over 100 hours a week looking after loved ones and unpaid carers providing an astonishing £13.9 billion worth of support each year. Since launching in 2018, Dementia Carers Count’s highly professional team continues to go above and beyond both in person and online, to ensure carers are provided with everything they need.

Sue Hinds, Head of Services at Dementia Carers Count, explained why people signing up to their online learning sessions have the chance to take part in a fantastic and unique opportunity.

“During the pandemic we decided to launch new digital support in the form of virtual sessions for carers. They are just 90 minutes long and different topics are covered by our practitioners, offering those from all different backgrounds a chance to come along and listen.

Having had such amazing feedback already, not only will those who are in attendance learn so much about the brain and dementia from speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and others with a background in the NHS, but they are also able to come together with people in similar situations and support one another.

What makes us different is that we focus on the carer,  making sure they have access to really useful information, as well as understanding what their rights are. All of this helps carers to feel less isolated and to face their challenges with more confidence”.

As part of this,  the charity also has set up their Virtual Carers Centre, a platform that is quick and easy to use and carers can access it at any time, day or night. The Virtual Carers Centre provides a range of resources such as general information, blogs, videos and audio content and even an interactive forum for sharing.

However, don’t just take our word for it, here are two prime examples of personal experiences that are worth sharing.

Sarah – a carer for her dad.

“My experience with DCC has made me a better carer for my dad. Our communication has improved and I have the patience to deal with challenging situations now that I understand the reasons behind his behaviour.

I found it helpful to learn about personality and how that comes into play – both for myself and my dad”.

Stuart – a carer for his partner, Roger.

“Those who lead the sessions are so easy-going, supportive and understanding. It feels like they are always on our side and have become a lifeline for people like me during the pandemic.

DCC’s live online learning sessions are very informative, accessible and the content is presented in a way that is easy to understand. During the sessions, you can talk about your specific challenges and connect with the other people attending. Without DCC, I would be completely lacking in knowledge and information about dementia, despite my medical background”.

Do you know somebody who is looking after a family member or friend with dementia? Then the Virtual Carers Centre and live online learning sessions have everything you could ever need or want when it comes to discovering how to provide perfect care and is free for all to access.

For more information on Dementia Carers Count and all services they provide, visit: dementiacarers.org.uk

You can also call to speak to someone at the charity, if you’re not sure which of their services might be best for you: 020 3096 7894

If you wish to donate to support the cause, then you can by clicking here.


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