A community volunteer is back changing the clocks for elderly and vulnerable people.

Faz Patel MBE, from Blackburn, will be helping dozens of older people change their clocks while also checking the smoke detectors.

The clocks will change on Sunday, at 2am, meaning an extra hour in bed for many. 

He said: "I am really looking forward to this weekend and helping people around Lancashire.

"It's been a very difficult 18 months for people and it has upset me I have not been able to help.

"I change the clocks but also check the smoke detectors and most importantly have a chat.

"Loneliness is a silent killer and is a massive problem right now.

"I’ve made a lot of friends doing this over the years and it's nice to be able to do it again."

Faz has been changing the clocks for people in the county twice a year for nearly 25 years - however due to the pandemic he has been unable to over the past year and a half.

As a community volunteer, he has been helping vulnerable people through lockdown where possible, including working at the vaccination centre to administer jabs.

In December of last year, Faz sadly lost his grandfather Moosa Ebrahim Jangaria, aged 83, whom he would help in the run up to lockdown.

Back in March 2020, Faz asked people to take care of the elderly as lockdown was approaching and continued to to community work in a safe way.

Anyone who wants Mr Patel to help change their clocks can call him on 07759 116340.