A HOMEOWNER who started extending her bungalow without planning permission has had a revised scheme approved by councillors.

Blackburn with Darwen Council's planning committee gave Mrs Sahdia Aslam the go-ahead for renovations to Priory Croft in Old Hall Lane, Pleasington at their meeting this month.

This was despite objections from neighbour Kate Ainsworth of Hornby Gates, the parish council and ward councillors Derek Hardman, Paul Marrow and Mark Russell.

The committee approved Mrs Aslam building a covered terrace to rear, a roof terrace, raising the property's roof, and adding front and rear dormers and a porch.

A report by senior planner Nick Blackledge told councillors: "This application is reported to the committee following a ward member request.

"An objection has also been received from Pleasington Parish Council.

"Livesey with Pleasington ward members set out the following reasons for referral: unacceptable overlooking of adjacent property; lack of balcony screen; inadequate plans; inappropriate given Green Belt location; and brazen disregard for the planning process.

"This recommendation for approval follows detailed assessment and consultation to arrive at a scheme considered to address concerns over the development.

"Retrospective planning permission is sought for a covered terrace area to the rear, a roof terrace to the western elevation, an increase to ridge height, a hip to gable roof alteration, front and rear dormers, a porch and alterations to existing elevations.

"The application is considered as retrospective on account of substantial works having commenced.

"Members are advised that, although the proposal represents a substantial alteration to the appearance of the existing dwelling, it is not considered tantamount to a replacement dwelling.

"Securing satisfactory amenity levels for occupants of neighbouring Hornby Gates to the east is a key issue in the overall assessment.

"An amendment to the original proposal relocates the roof terrace from the rear which was in direct conflict with a primary window in Hornby Gates, resulting in an unacceptable loss of privacy."

Ms Ainsworth's original objection said: "In truth this renovation is not an extension but a total rebuild of the house. These plans totally remove any privacy for Hornby Gates."

In later letter she described the amended proposals as 'an improvement'.

Cllr Marrow told the committee: "If the applicant had followed the proper planning procedures, I do not think there would have been a problem."

Committee chairman Cllr Dave Smith said: "We need to keep a close eye on this one."